Saturday, July 18, 2009

Show me love

Remember this song...

I just danced around to it a couple times. :p

Sorry for that last post, I just needed to get that stuff out. After a few minutes of sad time, I really do feel a lot better. This post and that one were supposed to be one, but after all that whining and dramatics, I needed a little break to start over.

After listening to that song and having a funny fb convo with one of my best girls (mostly about my FAIL with a boy hahaha), I feel so much more focused and energized.

By the time I hit "publish post", it will officially be the start of my last week as a teenager. I know 20 is nothing special but at least i'll be out of the crappy teens. I really want a low key birthday this year, but there are some possible plans this week that seem like they'll be fun (one in which I hope includes me not embarrassing myself in front of formentioned boy :]) . I'll keep you updated! Even though I'm not at my mini goal weight, I just want to feel confident and happy with myself this week. Shoot, I would settle for just feeling comfortable. So for this week, I'm going to really focus on taking care of myself and see how that helps.

Grace and Peace, y'all!

P.S. i really need to start putting up some type of pictures or some color!! I'll think about it...any ideas?


Jess said...

Ah, self-confidence. That's something I've always had, and I honestly don't know why. I think I just don't give a flying rat's ass what anyone else thinks about me, and that keeps me golden. But I can NEVER give anyone else advice on confidence- I always end up sounding like an ass.

What I can relate to, however, is that feeling of self-loathing. And B, you have to just let it go. That feeling is from when you were at your top weight- hating yourself, feeling gross all the time. You are now DOING something about it, and that's all you can ask of yourself. And you're doing it the right way, too: no invasive surgery, no "weight loss shakes", no pills, none of the crap that EVERYONE knows doesn't actually work (except for surgery, but I mean, come on.)

So let the feelings go. How? Focus on how you feel after you work out. Focus on how good a cool glass of water tastes. Focus on buying smaller clothes, and take some pictures of yourself and compare them to pics of yourself at your top weight: I promise you'll see a difference!

And I want to let you know this too- you've lost more at 5 months than I had at five months. In fact, right now you and I are at about neck and neck, and I've been at this two months longer. I've slipped many, many times in the last seven months. But we can't give up, because I promise you that if we do, we'll be kicking ourselves in one year's time saying, "If I had only stuck with it I'd be close to/at goal by now!"

There is no way I would let that ever happen to me again. (Yeah, I've done it before.)

I'm glad you followed up that first post with this happy one. I never liked being a teenager either, because I could never relate to people my age. I didn't drink/smoke/party etc. etc. It was weird. So welcome to the 20's, where your peers start to get better after a little while :)

From what I can see, you're going through something very normal- you're dealing with your self-image issues in a very normal way. It's normal to be frustrated. Like I said a couple of paragraphs ago, let it all go. Focus on how you feel. I'm glad you've decided to focus on taking care of yourself: it will help.

Talk to you next time! :)

John said...

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