Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who wears short shorts?!?

Disclaimer: I'm apologizing in advance for the extremely shallow and boy crazy post to follow. But c'mon, I'm 20 and single and boys are fun to look at. I'm allowed my days, right? :]

This post is dedicated to David, my favorite personal trainer/front desk person at my gym. David probably isn't the hottest gym employee, he is only about 5'8. Don't get me wrong though, he has an adorable face, big arms, a great chest, and a good butt (what? i'm observant!) But David is my favorite because he is definitely the nicest. Unlike some of the other hot trainers who give me the worst fake smile (or no smile) when I walk in and make me feel like i'm just wasting air, David is polite, gives a genuine cute smile, and makes a little joke when I run into him. Granted, he's probably just really good at his job, I'm appreciative of how much more comfortable I am when he is working compared to some of the others. I even complimented him on his haircut this week. (That's actually really good for me. & yes, I know that is sad) The rest of this post has been written in my head for the past few days but is only now reaching the screen because I wanted to talk about him. So Thank you David.

First things first, well second, I suppose, I was exactly the same weight at weigh in last Thursday. I think my leader thought it was weird how excited I was, but she didn't know about ALL the cake. No gain after all that sugar is good with me! As far as this week goes, I'm struggling a bit but one lb. would get me to -15 and in the 180's, so here's hoping!(and tracking and sweating).

Last friday my friend was having his birthday at the beach. My two best friends really wanted to go, so I obliged. I was told a few days prior to please not wear basketball shorts. Which meant to me: bathing suit + real shorts= SCARY! So after some time spent in the dressing room and a last minute trip to Target the morning of, I actually bought a pair of white semi-fashion shorts with the approval/ support of my friends. The amazing part? They were size 13!

Of course I was nervous to wear them but excited at the same time. Until I got home to put them on for real and realized TOM had arrived :/ No Bueno. I was so pissed. (Even funnier: one of the girls, who had another beach party and wedding to go to that weekend, started as well only minutes later. We were not happy campers)

I ended up wearing the only other pair of non-basketball shorts I own, these ugly size 16 stretched out pair I have owned for about 4 years. After what seemed like the longest drive ever, we finally made it to the beach to realize we were the only girls there. It actually turned out really well and we all had a good time.

We casually knew most of the boys there and really got to know them by the end of the day thanks to some games of football, catch, and random other competitions. Interesting fact about these guys: a lot of them had incredible bodies! (and one of them has lived on my same street for pretty much our whole lives) But the thing I appreciated most was that despite all their muscles, they were not cocky or intimidating at all. It was rather refreshing.

Sorry for this long, anti-climatic post but I just felt like sharing. Oh and I 'm wearing those shorts very very soon! Weigh-in manana (and seeing those boys again)! wish me luck!

Grace and Peace, y'all.


Jess said...

Congrats on feeling awesome! Doesn't it feel... awesome? Ha! That is a HUGE NSV... feeling confident in shorts is tough! So congrats on that :)

Keep workin'... that pound will be gone in NO time!!

B said...

Well, that lasted about a minute...but Thanks Jess. I'm workin on it..i'm trying to get on your level :]

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John said...

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