Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Let’s cut to the chase: this is a weight-loss blog.
To be a little more specific: this is the weight-loss blog of a journalism student who’s trying to kill a couple stones with one bird. I need to write more often for the sake of my craft and myself. This is my attempt to keep myself disciplined, sane and focused while trying to lose weight.

I should probably tell you a little about myself. Do to probably some embarrassing pictures and facts to come, I’m trying to make this blog anonymous. So, I suppose I’ll just go by B (hence the blog title!). I’m from a really small town in southern California and I just finished my sophomore year in college. I write for my school paper and I have an amazing job coaching high school basketball. I have also been given an incredible opportunity to be the sports editor at my school paper next year and I’m so excited.

You know how chubby girls are always told “You have such a pretty face”? I’m not one of those. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself girly or one of the pretty girls. I’m more tomboyish. I love sports, (so don’t be surprised if there are many, many, many sports references and blurbs posted) and I hope to be a sports magazine editor one day. However, and unfortunately, my body doesn’t really fit into the tomboy thing.

But I’m starting again! I have been athlete my whole life but I have never been thin. I have a pretty muscular base hiding under a thick layer of fat because I enjoy lifting weights and working out, I just get embarrassed quite easily at gyms. If I could choose I would much rather be strong/buff rather than petite, but hopefully I could find a good balance.

The first time I tried Weight Watchers I was 12 years old. It didn’t last long and I only remember losing 5lbs. I tried it again early on in high school but it was not very successful for me then either. There have been spurts of dieting over the years (including the rice&fruit diet = worst idea ever) but I did manage to lose 30lbs in about two months using the Lindora program my junior year. Unfortunately, I gained it all back and more over the past three years.

Tomorrow morning, my mother and I are signing up at Weight Watchers. I’m sincerely hoping the third time is a charm! Though, my mindset is a lot different this time around. I’m much more mature and better aware of my poor choices. Not to mention, I’m paying for it myself this time. (Reminder: must find job!)

I have so many topics I want to talk about, so expect more posts to come. (And if they don’t, please tell me to stop being a slacker!)

Since tomorrow is WIW (weigh-in Wednesday) I’ll post official stats, goals and before pictures tomorrow. I just wanted to introduce myself.

Please keep me in your prayers and I’ll keep you in mine!
[I’m really hoping to start a WLB (weight loss blog) prayer chain soon]

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