Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And so it begins...

Really? It hasn't even been 18 hours and I'm already frustrated.

So we didn't make it to WW this morning. My mom did not want to wake up. I'm trying to avoid her now because I know if I'm around her, I will act like a brat. We are supposed to go tomorrow morning.

I know it's not a big deal but it just so annoying. If she's already flaking and we havn't even started, how is the rest of this going to work out? For most things, my mom is really strong and reliable. But for others (like things that involve any type of physical movement) she is not. That is why I really want us to do this together. Because she needs this much more than I do.

I know what I'm most frustrated about and it really isn't my mom's fault. I mentally prepared to go to WW this morning because I'm really nervous. I hate this feeling. In the back of my mind I'm already expecting myself to fail. Or only lose the weight temporarily. I really wanna do this but I don't think I can.

There are so many things I should be on top of right now that I am not. And it is stressing me out.

As said, I'll start posting stats later today.

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Julianna said...

Hey girl, starting is always the hardest part. Once you get into the groove of things it should get easier (at least that's what they tell me). I'm starting my senior year of college this fall, so I KNOW how stressful life can be at our age. I figure if you can get through a chaotic semester of college, you can do this. We both can. I wish you the best! Let's see if we can do this together.