Friday, June 12, 2009

Obviously I have commitment issues

Sorry blogworld. I can't believe I only lasted for two days and then let weeks go by. But since Julianna got back on the weight loss blog horse, I suppose, so will I. (And I apologize in advance for the lameness of this post. But baby steps people, baby steps.)

I went to WW for my fourth weigh-in this morning. I lost .4 lbs bringing my whole total to 6.6 lbs. Pathetic huh? Week one was great, I lost 4 lbs. Week 2 was difficult and I lost .4 lbs. Week 3 was decent with 1.8 lbs. I was actually shocked that I didn't gain this week. I have been absolutely horrible this week.
No points tracking+ no exercise+ cakes+rootbeerfloat+a lot of other bad stuff+no weight gain= MIRACLE!!!

Discipline has not been my strong suit lately. But I feel re-focused. I think if I can work out and push myself regularly, track all my points, and drink all my daily water that I will see good results. My 20th birthday is 6 weeks from this Sunday. Currently at just over 198, my goal is to be under 185 by my birthday. Not only is that # really close to my WW 10% goal but I think it is completely attainable. We'll see. [And if anyone happens to come across the blog, ask me how I'm doing! I would really appreciate the accountability support]

I have a bunch of random thoughts in my head that I just wanna talk about, so here they are: (again, sorry for the lameness :/)

+ 3 weeks ago, I did a 2+ (very steep incline) mile hike with a newly made good friend of mine. I totally felt like a fat kid panting all the way up the damn mountain, but I was surely proud of myself!

+ Last week (and the last time I went to the gym), I jogged/walked 5 mi. in one hour. I was exhausted and a little disappointed by my mph (12:00/ my normal pace). But after thinking about it, I have never ever ever did 5 mi. at one time. At least all the super senior citizens in my WW meeting were impressed. (who i adore by the way, I'm not hating. i promise)

- My mom hasn't been to another meeting since week 2. (So she's missed 3 weeks.) She's been on jury duty so making our usual Thursday morning meeting is impossible. But there are so many other meetings she can go to but she hasn't. And what really bugs me is that I don't even thinks she cares. I've practically wasted $80 because she never fully committed to the points system. And since she's been busy, and not here to cook, I've done horribly with nutrition. But no more excuses, I'm almost 20, I need to learn to take care of myself.

- When I started my gym membership last July, the personal trainer I got assigned to asked if I had a goal time in mind. I said June but I really meant today. Not being where I wanted to probably made today a little more bittersweet than it should have been. I'm disappointed in myself but I will not let me do this to myself again.

+ Someone I hadn't seen in a while said I looked like I lost a weight, that was encouraging. And I was told I looked cute today a few times. That made me happy :]

+/- Have you seen "He's just not that into you"? You should. I think that movie is adorable. But the last time I watched it, I came to a realization. I am not an exception but most definitely a rule. It would probably be more accurate to say I am so much a rule, I'm a given. As in, it's a given I will never find a boy interested in me...UNTIL I'm more comfortable with myself. And I've always had faith that it will happen when it's meant to happen. (wow, super cornball :])

Grace and peace y'all!

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