Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guessing game

guess who can't stop eating horribly?
guess who won't go workout?
guess who feels like crap and knows she is gonna feel worse at weigh in in TWO days?
Just guess effin who....

sidenote: I want a boy :/ (cuz guess who's going to be the 5th wheel on Wednesday?)


Jess said...

Eh, weeks like this happen. You'll feel better after a single day of good eating and an hour on the treadmill. Nothing a little blogging can't fix, eh?

Get one of your friends to bring another guy to "just hang out." That way you can determine if he's something worth going after; if he's not, you guys can all hang out and be "just friends."

Jess said...

*poke poke*

Post something new, girl :)

kim said...

I think that this game is completely depend on the person's guessing reaction. I am going to play this game.

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