Monday, May 17, 2010

Like the new digs?

Pre p.s. it is super weird to post again. It's been so long.

My goal is to change it up this summer, well blog wise. Because in real life, my goal is to just be me. Dorky, chubby, crazy, sensitive, nerdy B. Still working on all that, but I'm ok with where I'm out right now.

I guess this really can't be considered a weight loss blog anymore because that actually requires losing weight, something I havn't done at all. I gained back almost all the weight I lost last summer on WW but that wasn't very much to begin with and i'm still not anywhere close my all-time high. I do wanna lose weight this summer, but I want to do at my own pace. Working out the way I want, when I want. Eating the same way, just proportionally. No real big plans this summer..just a bunch of couchto5K, and zumba dvds, and stretching classes, and basketball, and anything else I feel like doing.

Life has been crazy as of late, something I'll probably go into further detail later, maybe. For right now I just wanted to rip the bandaid off and write the first "i'm back" post.

Peace and love, y'all!

P.S. I don't want to erase my posts from last summer, but I don't want them there either. Anyway just to make them show up in the archive?

P.P.S. Even though I blog once this whole year, I totally stepped up my google reader game. Got that mess going and I love it. I love reading the blogs I do, and starting to comment them, and following them on twitter, and replying when I'm brave. (oh, beeteedubs, very cute writer on internship site that I tweeted at, TWEETED BACK! so excited.

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